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You’ll want to become a TransTech member in order to take advantage of all of the resources we provide. TransTech Community Members gain access to our jobs board, community workshops and events. Additionally, our members gain access schedule meetings with our Program Coordinators for peer coaching, mentorship opportunities within our membership, and assistance in job readiness development.

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an Upwork Account

Signing up for an Upwork account will give you access to their large marketplace of freelance jobs to apply for, your own professional profile, as well as all of the tools to easily track your work and get paid.

Update Account
& Profile Information

If you haven’t already fill in the information on your Upwork account with the most up to date information that you can provide.This will make you more visible to potential clients and allow you to get paid once you start working.

Job Search

Upwork is an excellent resource for finding and applying for work that fits your skills, so take advantage of it!

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How to be a good freelancer

Be Proactive

Make sure to check Upwork’s job marketplace regularly for projects that are a good fit for you. Also keep an eye on the TransTech community job board and Slack for useful job leads.

Keep Your Information Up To Date

Keeping your profile information up to date with all of your professional experience in your Upwork profile is of the utmost importance, because it helps increase your visibility for potential clients to find you.

Maintain Good Communication Skills

Downloading the Upwork mobile app and desktop app help you keep up to date on communication from your clients. While you’re working; if a task is unclear, don’t be scared to ask questions. It is also important to keep your clients happy by making sure to always respond to them when they have questions or comments in a timely manner.

Always Review Your Weekly Work Diary

Make sure to review your work diary at the end of each week to ensure that you’re paid for all of the work you’ve done, as well as ensure the work memos are accurate for your clients.