Who We Are

TransTech Social is a co-learning and co-working community created to empower, educate, and employ the LGBTQ+ community through accessible education programs, inclusive events, and equitable employment opportunities that teach practical career-ready skills.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our community economically thrive through all transitions in life by aligning our partnerships and programming to their career goals, while centering transgender and gender-nonconforming people. By uplifting the most marginalized of our community, we can overcome barriers in education and the workplace while striving to reduce instances of discrimination felt by all.

Our Vision

To create a gender-expansive, affirming, and sustainable tech industry by working with dedicated leadership, active community members, and diverse corporate partners.

Our Story

TransTech Social was founded in 2014 by media star and trailblazer, Angelica Ross. After teaching herself graphic design, photo editing, and coding – she realized that technology was a catalyst for change in her life! She used her skills to create a foundation for financial security, then reached out to the community around her to share those skills.

Through TransTech Social she was able to empower trans and non-conforming people through job training, leadership, and workplace skills. In 2017, Angelica hosted the first TransTech Summit with nearly 100 attendees. Since then, TransTech Social has worked with leaders and corporate partners in business and education to bring economic empowerment to marginalized communities through tech.

Our future for TransTech exists inside the intersections of our community’s identity. At TransTech we believe that all LGBTQ+ professionals deserve to see themselves as an asset to the industry. With a goal to offer access to tech labs, co-working hubs, and affirming learning events, we will continue to build partnerships and networks that create a pipeline for support and employment opportunities.