Meet Ignacio

March 24, 2020

Ignacio G Hutía Xeiti Rivera, M.A., is a cultural sociologist with expertise in sexual trauma, healing, and liberation for marginalized populations. They are an internationally known gender non-conforming speaker, trainer, and consultant. Ignacio uses they/them/their pronouns and is a co-partner at The HEAL Project.

In 2002, Ignacio publicly performed Lágrimas de Cocodrilo — a personal account of their childhood sexual abuse and incest survivorship. Ignacio toured with the show in the U.S. and abroad for four years. “The project’s goal was to connect people, specifically cisgender females who were sexually abused by other cisgender females. Although I currently identify as transgender, I endured my abuse as a young girl and teenager. When I was coming to terms with what had happened to me, I found little information about female-to-female abuse. Thus, The HEAL Project was born to seek out those like me, share collectively, create art, and find support.”

Their new website is live! The HEAL Project has its own dedicated website for all things HEAL related. They will be adding more pages soon, but for now check out their consultation services, programs, and resource page.

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