About Us

A Co-Learning &
Co-Working Community

TransTech is an incubator for LGBTQ Talent with a focus on economically empowering the T, transgender people, in our community. At TransTech, we learn and work together to develop skills and value within marginalized LGBTQ communities. TransTech members have access to online community and trainings as well.

Our Team

Angelica Ross


She/Her, Los Angeles, CA

From TV to Capitol Hill to the Board Room, Angelica Ross is a name that is recognized for being both a leading figure of success and a source of strength in the movement for Transgender and Racial Equity. Angelica is blazing a trail, kicking open doors, and building a table with ample open seats. Her ultimate goal? To bring economic empowerment to marginalized communities.

Angelica has sky rocketed in the media across multiple mediums including film, television, and new media. With her breakthrough role as “Candy” in Ryan Murphy’s Award-Winning FX hit Pose—which follows NYC’s Black and Latino LGBTQ+ and gender-nonconforming ballroom culture scene in the 80’s and early 90’s. Angelica made television history, as the first Trans person to star in two season regular roles consecutively when she joined the American Horror Story franchise in 2019, but she certainly hasn’t stopped there. Keep up with Angelica Ross by visiting MissRoss.com and following her on Instagram @AngelicaRoss and be among the first to know about what’s coming up next.

E.C. Pizarro III

Executive Director

He/Him, Hollywood, FL

E.C. has been a member of the TransTech community since 2017, an award-winning Brand Designer and Digital Artist with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts from the Art Institute of Virginia Beach.

As the owner and lead designer for his agency, 1Z2R Design Studio, he uses his talent and skills to brand companies for maximum profit and success. He is also the current National Executive Director & Supreme Webmaster of Alpha Omega Kappa Fraternity Inc.

By way of Somerset, NJ, E.C. is a forward-thinker and visionary who has a deep connection to the communities TransTech serves and the values we hold. As a professional in the design industry for over 10 years, E.C. is an innovative thinker and passionate about his people and his purpose.

Aryah Lester

Director, Advocacy & Outreach

She/Her, Hampton, VA

Aryah Lester, nationally awarded author, as well as speaker and educator, is a black woman of transgender experience from New York living in Washington D.C. Ms. Lester was the last-standing two-term chair for the State of Florida Health Department’s Transgender Work Group, former chair-elect of the Miami-Dade HIV/AIDS Partnership, and is an Advisory Board member of the Unity Coalition (UC|CU). Ms. Lester is a board member of Equality Florida’s TransAction Florida committee, and helped to create the TransArt series with the Betsy Hotel, the LGBT Visitors Center, and the UC|CU. She also sat as a member of the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD) Transgender Networking Group. Ms. Lester is also Board Chair of STARR, the nation’s first transgender organization originally founded by Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, and Advisory Board Member for Gilead Sciences, The Well Project, and ViiV Healthcare.

Ronny Parks

Director, Marketing & Growth Operations

He/Him, Austin, TX

Ronny Parks is a Business Growth & Marketing Strategist currently putting his stamp on the world as the CEO of Growth Secrets Marketing. A marketing agency he created to prioritize businesses that are looked over or taken advantage of by large advertising companies. Ronny’s fire for business began in his youth, but continued to spread wildly into adulthood. What started as making websites and business cards for friends and family turned into a drive for learning how to help spread the word about what they have to offer.

Ronny graduated from Tarleton State with a BS in Psychology & Finance (double major) and worked in the financial field for nearly a decade; pair that with his insane passion for marketing and you get a triple-threat authority that’s unrivaled.

Over the years, Ronny has armed business owners and founders of grassroots organizations across many different industries with strategies and tools designed to help them grow their businesses. While also guiding them through the process of creating systems that will help them amplify their message and expand their reach simultaneously.

Safi Mojidi

Director, Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives

He/Him, Oakland, CA

Safi Mojidi is a seasoned cybersecurity executive with almost two decades of experience in the industry. Safi Mojidi oversees, leads, and expands a portfolio of existing and new strategic alliances at TransTech Social Enterprises. He serves as a strategic adviser to help set the goals and roadmaps for new partnership projects and then leads the implementation of those plans.

Safi is committed to raising the visibility of underrepresented people in cybersecurity. As the founder of Hacking the Workforce, he prioritizes encouraging a collaborative commitment to ensuring equitable opportunity to employment in cyber security. As a doctoral candidate, his research examines the relationship between the increase in smartphone usage by non-white Americans and their perceptions of privacy preservation.

Joey Grant

Director, Design & Creative Engineering

He/Him, Chicago, IL

Joey Grant is an art director specializing in branding and marketing. He is a lifelong Chicagoan and a founding member of TransTech who worked closely with Angelica Ross in the organization’s early days. He worked as PR liaison, secured partnerships, and developed the design apprenticeship program. Joey works with independent podcasts and publishing, event planning, and fundraising in Chicago’s LGBT community. His current focus is digital and experiential marketing, brand-building for local businesses, and design consulting.

Mataoe Aiden James Nevils

Coordinator, Programs & Membership

They/Them, Detroit, MI

Mataoe is a Harm Reduction Specialist who serves their communities in many forms; from advocate to educator and everything in between. Upon completing their degree program in 2018, Mataoe began working with the LGBTQ+ community through health advocacy, community wellness, and clinical support. Through this work, they realized the severe lack of care for Trans and Trans Masculine People, especially centering sex work and sex workers rights.

The experience of balancing both their corporate job and their experiences as a sex worker means that Mataoe is able to connect directly with the need for intentional harm-reducing corporate policies, cultural change in healthcare, and education on sexuality and sexual identity. For their work, Mataoe was recently featured in an article by Decriminalize Sex Work (a national organization with a goal to end the prohibition of consensual adult prostitution).

Mataoe has also spoken on panels for NYTAG (New York Transgender Awareness Group), Decriminalize Sex Work, Refinery29, and VICE on trans awareness and trans-masculine visibility. Their work intentionally centers the lives and experiences of black trans and queer communities.