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November 19, 2021

We had the unique opportunity to interview Rhys Tirado, a TransTech Social Enterprise Community Member and friend, about their journey with our early edition of G.R.O.W with TransTech and how the once Bootcamp, now turned program, gave them a valuable opportunity to take power into their own hands and become an advocate for their own story of success and career path.

Rhys Tirado (they/them) is located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, and had aspirations to get involved in the tech community. While they were doing research they wrestled with thoughts that they needed to have a degree in computer science in order to be in the field. Upon finding TransTech, they noticed quickly that we had a different way of viewing learning and skill sharing.

Rhys got enrolled in our first G.R.O.W Bootcamp; the first edition of this Bootcamp started at the height of the pandemic and was designed to give our community members a real look at goal setting and achievement, and accountability sessions for keeping them on track. 

Here is what Rhys Tirado had to say when we highlighted their recent achievement of gaining employment in their field of choice after participating in G.R.O.W:

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

How did your participation in G.R.O.W change the way you entered into your work journey?

R.T: “I would say that it was helpful to get a lot of different perspectives, especially with even knowing what part of the tech field I wanted to go into and knowing what different fields are even possible in the tech industry. So, it was very helpful to me to know about those and narrow down what my interest were.”

What tools did you use that you did not have knowledge of before participating in GROW?

R.T: “There are quite a few. I learned about the Bootcamp from someone at TransTech that posted about it. So knowing about the Bootcamp itself was helpful and a very affordable one, and since it was virtual I definitely decided to take it. Being a part of GROW  was a co-learning experience through different recommendations based on what I wanted to do.”

How has GROW changed your confidence in your ability to secure a career?

R.T: “Honestly, it’s been a big help! I am really good at teaching myself, but I can only go so far until I need people in the field to help me. I had immense imposter syndrome before, thinking that I wasn’t good enough because I didn’t get my degree in computer science, while other people would assure me that I’m fine, because these days people don’t need all of that, they just need access to the skills they need. It’s done wonders for me and has given me a realistic look at what I need to enter into the tech industry.”

What was the most influential part of GROW for you?

R.T: “Learning about how to go about setting and achieving goals. SMART really helped me break down my goals into smaller steps and be accountable for that goal. I had never heard of a SMART plan before and I noticed how I can use this in my everyday life.”

We also wanted to give an even more special shout-out to Rhys Tirado on their first published book “Burn Down Rise Up” by Vincent Tirado (Rhys Tirado PEN Name) coming out on May 3, 2022!

We love success stories and look forward to hearing many more in the upcoming month.

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