GROW Program

GROW Program

Gaining Real Opportunities at Will

GROW is a talent cultivation program supported by via the Impact Challenge for Women and Girls.

GROW will: 

  1. Meet our people where they are and give them tools to be their very best when looking for new careers or even building their skills in their current careers. Participants will come away with tangible skills to support their professional growth.
  2. Empower everyone in the transgender* community, while still unapologetically centering the voices and experiences of Black transgender women who are or were engaged in sex work. GROW seeks to reach those in our community who are within the margins and often not centered in career readiness programs.
  3. Specifically focus on ongoing career readiness, development, resume writing, interview skills, and salary negotiation tailored toward the needs of those intersectionally marginalized in the transgender* community. We focus specifically on empowering our community through shared experiences and skills that are life-changing, and getting our people in the best situation to excel in their next transition in life.
  4. Focus on transitions in all aspects of life; that could mean the transition of being trans* and walking in your truth, transitioning into a new role in your life, or learning new skills that can elevate the way you work.

*We use the term transgender as an umbrella term for all those who are gender diverse, binary and non-binary.

How can I get involved? 

You can apply to be a part of the next group of GROWers starting in 2023! We can’t wait to GROW with you!

Can I help facilitate/mentor? 

Absolutely! If you would like to support the GROW program as a mentor or content expert, please apply here: